Facilities and Resources

Lab Facilities

The UW ARC Lab has a 955 sq. ft. lab space equipped with a 16-camera OptiTrack motion capture system in the UW Mechanical Engineering Building. The lab has a variety of robotic platforms that include

  • Robotic arms (7 DOF Franka Research 3, 7 DOF Ufactory xArm 7, 6 DOF Wlkata Mirobot)
  • Aerial vehicles (DJI quadcopters, Crazyflie Nano quadcopters, Holybro quadcopters, customized quadcopters and hexacopters)
  • Ground vehicles (Clearpath Jackal UGV, F1TENTH car, customized cars and segways)


IEEE Control Systems Society

IEEE Robotics & Automation Society

The Impact of Control Technology

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